What you need to know about the 2017 MAC Leadership Gathering

June 27-29, 2017


We are delighted to partner with the Billy Graham Center in June for the Amplify Conference.  This will take the place of our annual Leadership Consultation for the Mission America Coalition.   Paul Cedar ~ MAC Chairman & CEO


Amplify 2017 will not look like any MAC gathering you have attended in the past. We have taken all of the great characteristics that you love most from our previous gatherings and linked arms with our friends at the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism to expand your evangelism experience – you could say that we have “reimagined” the evangelism gathering so that every attendee can “Reimagine Evangelism!”

I am so excited about the Amplify 2017 Gathering because we are bringing together some of the greatest Christian minds, speakers, and servants to share all of our collective wisdom, resources and experiences. I believe this will propel the Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle / LOVE movement deeper, wider and further across America in our efforts to reach EVERY American with the love and message of Jesus.  Kathy Branzell ~ LOVE2020 National Coordinator


Having the 2017 MAC Leadership Gathering in partnership with Amplify 2017 is truly a win-win for God's Kingdom!  MAC members will learn from some of the best thought-leaders and practitioners in bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to our current culture in word, deed, and power.  And, MAC members will have opportunities formally and informally to share their own rich ministry visions and resources with like-minded people who are unaware of their ministries.  Together, Jesus is exalted and His Kingdom expands!"  Mark Slaughter ~ National Facilitator for Emerging Generations


Amplify 2017 is a Great Collaboration that brings together many Great Commission/Great Commandment ministries in a way that multiplies, rather than merely adding to, the evangelistic effectiveness and impact of the evangelical Church in America. Outstanding presenters. Extraordinary networking. A conference experience that moves us into our Lord’s preferred future for his Church.  
Phil Miglioratti ~ National Facilitator for Cities and Communities 

Why is it critical and timely to reimagine evangelism?

Mark Slaughter: The cultural sands are shifting beneath our feet at unprecedented rates, presenting both new challenges and new opportunities for the gospel.  As "ambassadors for Christ" we must continually be "learning the language and culture" so we may translate the timeless message of hope in Jesus Christ.  We need to listen and discern how God is uniquely working in these times, and cooperate with it."

Paul Cedar: In addition to strengthening all that we are already doing to advance the Gospel through the MA Coalition,  we will focus on re-imagining evangelism in the U.S. and beyond.  It should be a very exciting and impactful time together.  Please plan to be with us and register now to receive a lower registration rate. 

Phil Miglioratti: Taxi cabs haven’t disappeared but Uber/Lyft is a radically different approach that is flourishing. Sears/Kmart is floundering, McDonalds is scrambling (no McMuffin pun intended), while Amazon is building massive warehouses, hiring thousands of workers and developing a drone delivery service. The Gospel is an unchanging good news, but if we fail to place it in new wineskins, our version of “Church” faces increasing irrelevancy and, as older generations pass from the scene, extinction. The Mission America Coalition and the Billy Graham Center present Amplify 2017 as an opportunity to think Uber-ish and dream Amazon-ly.

What is special about our Tuesday evening MAC family night?

Paul Cedar: On Tuesday evening, 6/27, we will be hosting a complimentary dinner for all who are related in some way to the Mission America Coalition.  We will share a great meal and then share some exciting updates on the MAC including LOVE2020.

Kathy Branzell: Tuesday night will be filled with conversation and laughter, hugs and handshakes, encouragement and updates. This time together with your MAC family around the dinner table will be a highlight of our time at Amplify. 

Tuesday Evening Registration required 

Mission America Coalition Members & Friends | Tuesday dinner, June 27, 2017

Join colleagues and friends for a complimentary dinner. Hear outstanding reports from the ministry of our coalition partners. Be inspired by an exciting update on LOVE2020. To register, email

What is special about the Wednesday night get-together?

Mark Slaughter: Younger Leaders love to connect with each other and collaborate together.  Wednesday evening provides a space for people to share their ministry callings and challenges, pray together, and help an emerging generation of leaders live into their own callings.

Register here

Younger Leaders Gathering | Wednesday dinner, June 28th, 2017

Join with other younger leaders (40 and under) for a time of networking, fellowship, story-telling, and prayer.  

$10 covers a light meal from Jason’s Deli (sandwich, chips, drink, dessert).

To register, click here. []

Tell us how LOVE2020 meet-up opportunities can benefit leaders who want to know more about how LOVE2020 fits with their church or city or ministry

Kathy Branzell: Amplify 2017 offer the great “family reunion” feeling that we enjoy at our MAC gatherings with long-time friends and ministry partners while also giving us the opportunity to expand our family with hundreds of additional like-hearted people attending Amplify but who do not usually attend our MAC meetings. Amplify 2017 is the perfect opportunity to meet and do some strategic planning with their sphere and cluster members as well as the opportunity to meet and share your ministry and LOVE2020 with other Amplify attendees.

Phil Miglioratti: Amplify 2017 is an unprecedented opportunity for LOVE2020 Affinity Sphere Coordinators and their teams to introduce/invite/include leaders of churches, ministries, denominations, networks and city collaborations to the vision of LOVE2020 … and how their participation in this movement can bolster/refresh/mobilize their already-in-motion actions. Lean in…

Explain why the Track component is significant to the conference experience

Kathy Branzell: The opportunity to choose a track is a significant BONUS for Amplify 2017 attendees because it is really like you are getting two conferences for the price of one. Amplify 2017 is bringing in some of the best of the best speakers in evangelism; the plenary sessions offer everyone an eye-opening, mission-expanding look at a wide variety of evangelism ministries and projects, while the tracks offer great wisdom and resources that target specific evangelism areas so that attendees can go deeper generationally, geographically or in a specific area of cultural influence.

Mark Slaughter: Tracks let participants focus on a specific ministry, hear practical best practices, and interact with others in a mutual learning community.

Anything else you want to say to our MAC family?

Mark Slaughter: Don't miss this amazing opportunity to reimagine evangelism for this generation!

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