Churches & Denominations

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Churches & Denominations

The task of leading a denomination involved in hundreds of ministries in thousands of churches scattered across the country or, in many cases, the world, is a challenge of major proportions. For many denominational leaders, the daily and weekly demands of administrative responsibilities alone could occupy literally every waking hour.

The Mission America Coalition provides denominational leaders with a place to step back from the tyranny of the daily agenda to refresh their perspectives, enjoy the fellowship and insights of other leaders facing the same issues, and look for opportunities to multiply the impact of the Church by working together. The MA Coalition’s “Loving Our Communities to Christ” provides a rallying call for denominational leaders to come together to discuss strategic issues facing the whole Church as it seeks to impact America’s cities and communities at every level.

Connecting Denominations

  • Regular high-level leadership meetings on issues affecting the growth and health of denominations.
  • Fostering cooperation across denominational lines at the national level and in cities.
  • Frequent conference call meetings to discuss pending evangelism initiatives, issues and concerns.
  • Connecting denominational leaders with MAC ministry partners and their products/services that may be helpful to pastors and churches.