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Awakening East Coast Campuses

Awakening East Coast Campuses

Posted on December 12, 2016

Campus prayer mobilizer, Kelsey Karys, recently blogged, “The student group I help lead, the Justice House of Prayer in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has caught a vision from God to see the world again transformed by zealous, total lovers of Jesus on colleges and universities. They carry a fire for intercession, a burden for God’s heart for the lost, and the diverse and unmatched brains of Boston and Cambridge students.”

She goes on, “Here’s where you come in: Throughout 2017, these students are planning to visit as many campuses on the east coast as possible. They want to pray with student leaders and local pastors about the history of revivals at those specific schools, and how we can all partner together to intercede for the promises of God on campus. We’re calling this effort “Awaken” and its purpose is to encourage student communities to intercede for the promises of God on their campus, grow in unity with the local church, and catalyze a missions-sending movement to the ends of the earth.

If you are part of a local church that interacts with college students, a parachurch ministry that works directly with students and faculty, or if you are a student yourself, we want to connect with you! Please comment at the bottom or contact me directly via email (kak245@cornell.edu).

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