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GLOBAL: Muslims Fleeing Isis Seeking Christ and Healing

GLOBAL: Muslims Fleeing Isis Seeking Christ and Healing

Posted on December 12, 2016

Thousands of Muslims disillusioned by the violence and unrest in Mosul - ISIS' last stronghold in Iraq - are embracing Christianity and "begging" Christ for healing after experiencing the love of Christ and hearing the truth of the Gospel.

A ministry director working in in northern Iraq's autonomous region of Kurdistan shared with Christian Aid Mission how his organization has been distributing Bibles, leading Bible studies and holding discipleship training sessions for displaced people for more than two years. He revealed that before ISIS seized Mosul in 2014, it had the reputation as the Iraqi city that was most closed to the gospel. However, triggered by the lack of freedom in Islam and gratitude to Christians offering help to refugees fleeing war-torn countries, thousands have turned to Christianity.

"So now they see the true face of Islam, they saw the teachings of Islam and they know what it means to be under the Islamic State," he said. "I believe a lot of heart-breaking stories will come out of Mosul with people who are ready to leave Islam and beg for Christ to take their lives and give them healing."

Currently, the ministry is asking for assistance to purchase food, clothing, blankets, tents, medicines and Bibles. To learn how you can help, visit http://www.christianaid.org/

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