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Pastor Inspired by Peanuts' Lucy

Pastor Inspired by Peanuts' Lucy

Posted on December 12, 2016

“The Pastor Is In,” reads the sign below the prayer booth that a pastor set up on a sidewalk outside his New York church, and people are stopping by and asking for prayers. Pastor Gregory Fryer of Immanuel Lutheran Church decided to put it up in the hope that they would notice the church behind him and come in.

People with various concerns—from health problems to family issues—have come up to him to talk and ask for prayer. “Could you pray for me?” they would say, and he would. “I take their hand and pray for them,” Fryer said.

As Fryer keeps interacting with people who stop by for prayer, he realized one thing: he first started the booth so people would notice the church, but through it, he started noticing them. “This booth is confirming what many of us suspect: there is spiritual need in our town,” Fryer said.

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