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Restoration Church Story

Restoration Church Story

Posted on December 12, 2016

In 2008 Dan and Gina moved to Depew, NY, a village outside of Buffalo of about 15,000 people, 90% of whom would not claim a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. They began Restoration church in September. Within two years they grew to about 150 people - an impressive number in the northeast.

Dan grew uneasy as he looked at his quick growth. Knowing that he needed a "real" look he reached out to his friend Ryan Kozey, Christ Together Northeast Regional Director and developer of the Missional Behavioral Survey. Once his church members completed the survey he realized that … over 95% of his growth was a result of saved people moving to his church. "As the leaders of our church we made some really hard decisions...decisions that made about half of our chairs empty on Sunday." "I decided that we would become ruthlessly missional - meaning that we were going to teach every member of our church to start viewing themselves as a missionary. As Dan and the members of his church began to embrace the guiding principles of Christ Together they began to see fruit...it took about 18 months. Some people bought in and others did not, but eventually the values became a way of life.

How did all of this happen? Dan is quick to point out that it is by God's providence and His grace. "But in addition, the principles that we gave ourselves to shaped us to not play games and to be in a position for God to mobilize each of us to be missionaries to our geographies. We started going after the heart of God" He goes on, "God has given us a voice in our city. We are now working with 30 other church planters - coaching them, walking with them." (Finish Dan’s story at “more info” and learn more about Christ Together here.)

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