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GLOBAL PRAYER: Promising Developments in Children’s & Youth Prayer Movements

GLOBAL PRAYER: Promising Developments in Children’s & Youth Prayer Movements

Posted on March 10, 2017

The International Prayer Council reported this past January: “Praise God for all the good things happening in our day as He, working through the efforts of perceptive, supportive adults, raises up the Next Generation of men and women of God through engaging them in a life-long encounter through prayer. Here are some brief highlights from the meetings last week for rejoicing and our further intercession: 

  • India: We heard how hundreds of thousands of children and youth are being helped and trained to pray in that vast land with its enormous diversity of peoples and that a national Children in Prayer consultation is being planned for later this year.
  • Indonesia: The National Children’s Prayer Network now has 67 networks and will host a national CiP conference this May, bringing together up to 200 children’s prayer coordinators from across this expansive island nation.
  • Myanmar has many thousands of children praying and has seen amazing political and economic transformation as the kids pray for their nation.
  • China: 500 gathered from 24 provinces to raise up a CiP effort throughout their land. A city-wide Hong Kong training event is in the offing to evaluate and strengthen CiP.
  • 4-14 Window Movement: This effort has developed a good infrastructure of regional coordinators and wants to help ministry leaders see that children are on a mission for God in order to nurture them in their unique callings to serve Him.

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