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Major University Launches New Center on "The Work of the Holy Spirit"

Major University Launches New Center on "The Work of the Holy Spirit"

Posted on June 12, 2017

Christian Newswire reports: Biola University will launch the Center for the Study of the Work and Ministry for the Holy Spirit Today in fall 2017. Funded by a $3 million donation, the academic center is a 10-year initiative that will provide resources for a Biblical examination of the person and ongoing work of the Holy Spirit, including research, publications, conferences, events and services for students. (Photo Credit: Biola University)  

"I believe this center will play a critical role in strengthening Biola University in the midst of the challenges we face in a rapidly changing, secularizing context," said Biola University President, Barry H. Corey. "We need to tap into the Spirit's power in our own campus and celebrate His movement in the wider world. Christian higher education demands not just intellectual development but spiritual formation, not just rational inquiry but supernatural encounter."  

Biola leaders see the center as a powerful counterweight to the challenges pressing upon Christian colleges and universities.  

"We would be so bold as to pray and plan that through this project Biola would be a place where God would begin a revival the likes of which we have never seen and the impact of which would be globally felt, advancing the Gospel around the world," states the center's proposal document.


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