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Mapping Center: Bless Every Home is Ready to Roll!

Mapping Center: Bless Every Home is Ready to Roll!

Posted on May 12, 2017

Chris Cooper, Founder/Director of the Mapping Center for Evangelism and Church Growth, recently unveiled BlessEveryHome.com, a significant advance over earlier neighborhood mapping tools produced by the Mapping Center. Among its robust array of capabilities, Bless Every Home is easier to navigate and includes a new color-coded dimension allowing users to measure progress in their efforts to pray for, care for and share the love of Christ with their neighbors.

If your church is serious about instilling a heart for loving their neighbors in every member, you will want to check out Bless Every Home's web site for yourself, watch the introductory video, then click the About Us button at the bottom of the site for a brief history of the Center's vision. Finally, check out Bless Every Home's growing resource section, full of articles and videos to help your church nurture a vision for developing a Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle and transforming every participant's home into a lighthouse for Christ.

PS. MAC/LOVE2020 will be tracking with Chris and the Mapping Center to update our readers with new Bless Every Home developments, encouraging forward movement and sharing how to pray strategically for an abundant harvest that will greatly glorify God.

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