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‘Ordinary’ Christians Can Reach Muslims Better than Specialists

‘Ordinary’ Christians Can Reach Muslims Better than Specialists

Posted on February 12, 2017

The January, 2017 Lausanne Global Analysis reports that “… violence is actually discrediting Islam in the eyes of millions of Muslims worldwide. It is a major factor in many of them turning to Christ, as Muslims begin to question their Islamic identity. Thus, at the same time as presenting a real threat, it also presents one of the greatest opportunities of our time: to unveil Jesus to Muslim people in the Western world and bring them to Christ.”

“In this context a new phenomenon networking both agencies and churches has proved to be a catalyst to unity and prayer. This prayer-based relational network is called Mahabba (‘love’ in Arabic); and it has flourished over the last four years, mainly because of the unprecedented opportunity in the UK. Its emphasis is on motivating and mobilizing ‘ordinary’ Christians rather than just ‘specialists’ to reach their Muslim neighbours.

Many Christians have focused on the effects of ‘Islamization’ and on the ‘persecuted church’, responding with fear and alienating themselves from face-to-face interaction with their Muslim neighbours. So this new network is helping thousands of people (in Mahabba’s words) to ‘Face the Facts not Fuel the Fear . . . but Find a Friend’; and this often leads not only to Muslims coming to Christ, but also to improved social cohesion through joint activities in those (UK) cities with a major Muslim presence.”

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