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Unprecedented Unity Among Bible Translators

Unprecedented Unity Among Bible Translators

Posted on October 17, 2017

In the April edition of CT, Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, provided one of the most encouraging and fruitful collaboration stories we’ve come across in some time. Following is just a portion, including a link to the new website, IllumiNations.bible

This fall, ten Bible translation agencies—from Wycliffe Bible Translators to Pioneer Bible Translators to the United Bible Societies—will invite givers to visit a single website to see how Bible translation is progressing around the world and to join in this effort by making their contributions. Rather than competing against one another for website visitors, the agencies will allow the collaborative site to connect visitors to the initiatives and organizations that best fit their interests.

As of late 2016, this network of ten heavyweight Bible translation agencies and several resource partners was involved in 90 percent of the translation work done globally.

The dramatic shift toward collaboration has delighted givers, who are looking for proven leadership, extraordinary vision, and clear momentum, said David Wills, president emeritus of the National Christian Foundation, one of the largest privately funded nonprofits in the United States.

Visit IllimiNations.bible now.

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