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For Immediate Release — July 26, 2017

Mission America Coalition Names Millennial Evangelist Nick Hall CEO

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The whole Church taking the whole gospel to the whole nation...and to the world.

MAC has grown out of the vision that God has given to hundreds of Christian leaders to share the love and grace of Jesus Christ with every possible person in the United States and beyond.

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There is no coalition in America doing a better job of bringing churches and organizations together for the work of evangelism.

Dr. Lon Allison
Author of Going Public with the Gospel and That the World May Believe

Ministry Areas

We believe no one individual, ministry or denomination can ever hope to reach our nation—and the world—by working alone. God created us to need each other and by working together, we can more effectively share the Gospel.

Cities & Communities

Cities & Communities

We have identified “Kingdom outposts” in over 700 cities where leaders have a heart to reach their city for Christ.

Global Connections

Global Connections

More than 6,000 people groups remain "unreached" meaning millions of people have no physical access to the gospel.

Churches & Denominations

Churches & Denominations

We provide denominational leaders a place to step back from the tyranny of the daily agenda to refresh their perspective.

Evangelism News

Churches Engaging Race Issues: Not Perfect but Taking Strides

Following are three brief stories from Boston’s Emmanuel Gospel Center’s Casey Lauren Johnson, written to show the kinds of choices local churches are making to foster racial harmony and, through partnership, see the many resources of the Body of Christ get to where the needs are greatest.

Collaborative Street Rescue Launching

The following excerpts from the September edition of the Pentecostal Evangel provide an encouraging example of the fruits of collaboration taking place between ministries reaching out with the love of Christ to victims of human trafficking.

Josh & Sean McDowell on the New Edition of Evidence That Demands A Verdict

Here’s another great interview from Ed Stetzer at The Exchange.

Josh and Sean McDowell have just come out with a new edition of the modern apologetics classic Evidence That Demands A Verdict. Below I ask them some questions about why they updated the classic and the role of apologetics and evangelism today.

Winter Jam West 2017 Line Up Unveiled

Beginning in November with a ten city West Coast run and continuing with forty-five more cities from January until Easter, Nick Hall will be sharing the Gospel along with ten bands for WinterJam.

Unprecedented Unity Among Bible Translators

In the April edition of CT, Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, provided one of the most encouraging and fruitful collaboration stories we’ve come across in some time. Following is just a portion, including a link to the new website, IllumiNations.bible


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