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The whole Church taking the whole gospel to the whole nation...and to the world.

MAC has grown out of the vision that God has given to hundreds of Christian leaders to share the love and grace of Jesus Christ with every possible person in the United States and beyond.

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90 Days Through the Gospels: Prayer - Care - Share with Jesus

90 Days Through the Gospels: Prayer - Care - Share with Jesus

Read through the Gospels in 90 Days as we cultivate a prayer-care-share discipleship lifestyle.

2017 MAC Leadership Consultation

2017 MAC Leadership Consultation

We are partnering this year with the Billy Graham Center for our annual MAC Leadership Consultation. Find out more!

There is no coalition in America doing a better job of bringing churches and organizations together for the work of evangelism.

Dr. Lon Allison
Author of Going Public with the Gospel and That the World May Believe

Ministry Areas

We believe no one individual, ministry or denomination can ever hope to reach our nation—and the world—by working alone. God created us to need each other and by working together, we can more effectively share the Gospel.

Cities & Communities

Cities & Communities

We have identified “Kingdom outposts” in over 700 cities where leaders have a heart to reach their city for Christ.

Global Connections

Global Connections

More than 6,000 people groups remain "unreached" meaning millions of people have no physical access to the gospel.

Churches & Denominations

Churches & Denominations

We provide denominational leaders a place to step back from the tyranny of the daily agenda to refresh their perspective.

Evangelism News

MAC Leaders Consultation & Amplify 2017

We are pleased and excited to announce that this year we are partnering with the Billy Graham Center for our annual MAC Leadership Consultation. We think it will be a very exciting and strategic gathering of evangelism leaders from the Mission America Coalition and the broader church across America. The conference is called AMPLIFY and will take place June 27 - 29, 2017, in Naperville, Illinois (Wheaton area). We pray that you will do all that you can to join us as we are seeing the fruit of collaboration and leadership networking within many of our LOVE2020 Affinity Spheres that we’ve been praying for and working towards for quite some time now.

40 Days of Love

40 Days of Love began last year with an explosion of involvement in praying, caring and sharing the gospel within the Greater Orlando area. This year’s 40 Days are scheduled to begin September 20th and go through October 29, with at least ten other countries indicating groundwork is being laid for 40 Days of Love events. Loads of testimonies from the 2016 event can be found by clicking “more info” below and find out how your city can begin exploring involvement in 40 Days of Love through their excellent web site. 

On the Road to Recovery in New Orleans

Samaritan’s Purse recently completed a disaster relief deployment to New Orleans East following a devastating February twister. More than 700 homes were damaged or destroyed when the most powerful tornado ever to hit New Orleans touched down on February 7. Nearly 240 Samaritan’s Purse volunteers helped more than 130 homeowners in New Orleans East clean up after the storm. Volunteers worked hard clearing debris, cutting fallen limbs and trees, and tarping roofs.

Living Missionally Where God Has Placed You

"As an inner-city planter, I saw in recent years a movement of churches gathering Christians together to plant churches and grow churches - but they were filled with people who were already Christians," Pastor Logan told The Gospel Herald. "I felt like the unchurched and hurting were being ignored, and churches were more concerned with growing in size than actually growing the Kingdom. Living missionally means reaching out to your local community, reaching the lost and crossing racial, social, and denominational lines with the truth of the Gospel. I wrote this book (On the Block) because I wanted people to catch a vision for reaching the lost."

GLOBAL PRAYER: Promising Developments in Children’s & Youth Prayer Movements

The International Prayer Council reported this past January: “Praise God for all the good things happening in our day as He, working through the efforts of perceptive, supportive adults, raises up the Next Generation of men and women of God through engaging them in a life-long encounter through prayer. Here are some brief highlights from the meetings last week for rejoicing and our further intercession.


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